Simply intelligent, and robust

The conical, co-rotating MAS extruder offers process stability and economic compounding of plastics with very different characteristics wherever it is necessary to fulfil the strictest quality requirements. Especially in the following areas

  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composites)
  • PPC (Paper Plastic Composites)
  • admixing of CaC03 and talcum
  • admixing of glass fibres
  • admixing of dies / comparable additives

Thanks to its conical design with a substantially larger feed volume, the MAS extruder offers decisive advantages. From a process technology point of view, excellent results are achieved even when admixing/compounding high volumes of glass fibres (more than 50% supported) with a PE/PET or PP melt. A single admixing aperture is used to feed all materials. Complicated multiple dosing, which is typical for cylindrical designs, is totally unnecessary.

Compounding with MAS