Brilliant Colour at highest Quality

The MAS extruder is perfect for processing A PET, G PET and GAG PET, both for repelletising and for direct extrusion to products.

The large aperture in the conical extruder supports feeding of both PET grinding stock (e.g. from PET bottles and preform) and of ground cast or BOPET foils. There is no need to precrystallise or predry the PET.

As the extruder's intake volume is significantly greater than the discharge volume, an extremely high screw filling level is achieved. This helps to achieve high output values at slow screw speeds and at a correspondingly low melt temperature. This results in excellent colour values and lowest possible IV loss. The low thermal load, accompanied by very low specific energy consumption (≤ 0.22 kWh/kg) thus allows for highest quality extremely economically.

PET-Extrusion with MAS