Continuous: Melt filtration

Wood and paper are very common impurities in plastic recycling. Conventional filter systems using mesh screens are usually unable to cope with even small amounts of such impurities. The continuous CDF-type melt filter separates contamination such as paper, wood, aluminum or rubber as well as unmelted plastics efficiently. A scraper removes the contamination from the surface of a rotating screen disc. The impurities are discharged continuously from the CDF, while the filtrated melt is forwarded to the pelletizing system. The melt pres- sure in front of the filtration disc controls automatically the function of the Scraper.

The filter discs are manufactured from hardened steel. Replacement is very simple as the filter screen is freely accessible once the split housing has been opened. Consequently, the filter screen can be replaced within approximately 40 min using conventional tools.

Technical design protected by various patents.



CDF 300

CDF 500

CDF 500-D

CDF 500-D parallel

Diameter of filter

1 x 300 mm

1 x 510 mm

2 x 510 mm

4 x 510 mm

Active filtration surface

792 cm²

1,640 cm²

3,280 cm²

6,560 cm²

Filtration fineness

100μm - 750μm

100μm - 750μm

100μm - 750μm

100µm - 750µm

Max. pressure difference

150 bar

150 bar

150 bar

150 bar

Max. pressure

180 bar

180 bar

180 bar

180 bar

Throughput capacity*

300 - 700 kg/h

600 - 1,600 kg/h

800 - 2,000 kg/h

1,600 - 4,000 kg/h

*Capacity depending on viscosity as well as type and amount of contamination