Drying and cleaning in a single step

DRD (Double Rotor Disc) technology combines a cleaning centrifuge and thermo-mechanical drying in a single plant. This enables a clean, dry process that is easy on the material and produces consistently high end product quality. DRD is a unique technology that washes without water, thus representing a sustainable solution for plastics recycling:

  • Drying and cleaning in a single step
  • in comparison with legacy washing systems, less than 50 % cost
  • water treatment system not required
  • simple operations, low maintenance effort
  • fully automated machine control

Technical design protected by various patents.

Process description


After coarse shredding of the plastic waste, the dry cleaning unit is continually fed from the buffer silo with batches of up to 60 kg. The plastic material rotates in a cylindrical chamber, is engulfed in hot air and kept in suspension. Turbulence ensures an excellent drying effect (constant average moisture content of 2 %). At the same time, impurities such as sand, soil, paper or fibres are separated off by friction. The soiled material is continually discharged via tangential screens as part of the process.

The whole process is fully automated and controlled by an easy to use PLC system. The required performance and retention time can be adjusted individually to reflect the moisture content and degree of contamination. Sensors stabilise the process in the event of fluctuating moisture content of the input material.

Plant schematic


MAS builds turnkey systems for dry processing of waste plastics over the entire recycling process – from bales to pellets. The plants comprise of a single shaft shredder, a material hopper, a dry cleaner and conveying equipment.

MAS's many years of experience in plastics recycling form the basis for complete project engineering including competent consultancy services.





DRD 21 (-DS)

e.g. LDPE foil, industrial waste

600 - 800 kg/h

DRD 26 (-DS)

e.g. LDPE foil after washing line

1,300 - 1,600 kg/h