Peripherals from MAS

Throughput scale

DW 1500/2500 are attractively priced, reliable output measuring systems for recycling extruders. The throughput scales used by MAS comprise a cyclone, a weighing cell and a frame; an injector feeder fan, additional cyclones and piping to be provided by the customer. All parts with pellet contact are made of stainless steel. The displayed throughput (kg/h) is calculated as the mean value for the last two minutes and extrapolated for an hourly value.

Displays on the control panel:

  • Throughput/hour
  • Shift counter/week counter
  • Multi-purpose throughput counter (can be started, stopped and deleted as needed)
  • Shift log
  • Service menu

Optionally available:

  • interface for PC or printer
  • external control cabinet
  • external LED display
  • pellet transport fan with noise-insulating hood
  • piping and cyclone


DW 1500

DW 2500

Basic dimensions

640 x 700 x 1,750 mm

640 x 700 x 2,000 mm

max. throughput

1,500 kg/h

2,500 kg/h

Capacity weighing bucket

51 l (25 kg)

85 l (35 kg)


two-line, 20 digit, 8 mm

two-line, 20 digit, 8 mm

Silo throughput scale

The combination of a silo and throughput scales is perfect for logging production data for pourable materials such as plastic pellets. All parts with media contact are made of stainless steel.

The following data can be logged:

  • current throughput up to 2,500 kg/h
  • current filling level in the silo (kg/h)
  • total volume produced in tonnes
  • Shift log for four shifts
  • visual signal on reaching 80% of maximum fill volume

A filling weight can be specified for emptying the silo (up to 5,000 kg). This allows for filling of transport containers with a precise weight. It also removes the need for weighing later on.

Optionally available: interface for PC or printer; external LD display for current throughput in kg/h; printer integrated in switch cabinet; bagging station for big bags/octabins; cyclone, feeder fan, piping, hot air material drier.


TMS 340

TMS 500

TMS 2500

max. throughput

2,500 kg/h

Height of material outlet

1,200 mm (oder wie bestellt)

Silo volumes

0,34 m³

0,5 m³

2,1 m³

Pellet-density scale

The pellet-density scale guarantees best-of-class quality assurance in pellet production in recycling and compounding. The bulk density of the recycled material is measured in an ongoing process. If the actual value deviates from the set value tolerance – e.g. due to gasified recycled material, an alarm signal is triggered. At the same time, the reject material can be discharged via a gate.

Automatic switching of the gate to production as soon as the bulk density is within tolerance again, allows for the implementation of an automated process to a great extent.

The following data is displayed at the control panel:

  • density/actual value (0.00 kg/l)
  • density/set value (0.00 kg/l)
  • accepted tolerance (in %)
  • log (date, time, current value and set value)

Optionally available: interface for PC or printer


DMS 10 pellet-density scale

Basic dimensions

700 x 640 x 2,668 mm

max. throughput

2,500 kg/h bei 0,6 kg/l


+/- 10 g

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner reliably removes thermoplastic contamination from precleaned extrusion moulds, filter elements, laser discs etc. No cleaning agents required; combustion does not occur during the cleaning process. This protects the components against local overheating and thus against annealing and mechanical damage. A cleaning cycle takes between 30 and 120 minutes depending on the mould size, at a working temperature of 400 - 600°C and with a vacuum of approx. -0.5 bar.

The SC 600V can be installed in any room with a water supply and drain, a gas extractor and a power supply.


Vacuum cleaner SC 600V

Vacuum cleaner SC 700V

External dimensions

1.900 x 850 x 1.700 mm

1.940 x 850 x 1.850 mm

Workspace dimensions
- with grating attachment:
- without grating attachment:

530 x 510 x 380 mm 
530 x 510 x 480 mm

600 x 600 x 425 mm 

max. workpiece weight

ca. 120 kg

ca. 120 kg

Vacuum pump

1,5 kW, 2.900 U/min

1,5 kW, 2.900 U/min

Water consumption vacuum pump

3 - 5 l/min bei 2 bar

3 - 5 l/min bei 2 bar

Water supply



Water discharge



Gas extractor

2“ Rohr

2“ Rohr

Heating units

total 9.5 kW

total 9.5 kW


450 °C

450 °C

Closed loop for process water

The closed loop for process water for the supply of the water ring vacuum units reduces the necessary fresh water consumption to a minimum. The result is enormous savings in water consumption of the system.