Tests with DRD dry cleaning system and MAS extruder


DRD dry cleaning system

The MAS Technology Centre is equipped with a DRD 18-DS dry cleaner which is available for trial runs with your specific material. This gives you the ability to test drying and cleaning quality and define throughput prior to launching a project, and to adapt machinery to your own specific requirements. A Weima shredder upstream to the dry cleaner allows feeding with bales. Approx. 500 kg of material are needed for a reasonable test results.

MAS extruder

The MAS Technology Centre is also equipped with a conical co-rotating twin screw extruder type MAS 55L, fully equipped with a flake dosing unit, melt filter CDF 300 and under water pelletizing. This means that customer trials can be designed to reflect the application in hand. (e.g. pelletizing, compounding of additives and fillers etc.) These trials serve as the basis for precise technical specification of any MAS you order. Also the ideal screw configuration for your specific material will be adjusted. Approx. 500 kg of material are needed for reasonable test results.

During a trial all important parameters will be written in a protocol. Additionally, MFI or moisture measurements can be done on request.