Safe Energy - Reduce CO2

Safe energy, reduce CO2

Sustainability is one of the core global topics of our time. Global warming threatens the world with prolonged heatwaves, droughts, flooding and devastating weather events. Reducing natural resource consumption and CO2 emissions are among the key actions required to minimize the severity of global warming. The plastics industry is urgently requested to find new ways to save natural resources and reduce energy consumption as much as possible.


Utilizing as little energy as possible was already a key- requirement during the development of the MAS extruder. Using up to 30% less energy in comparison to conventional extruder types became one of the most important features of the MAS extruder.

Its patented conical, co-rotating design allows lower screw speed, generating less friction rate and allows therefore lowest possible melt temperatures. The result: less heating power and shorter residence time of the melt inside the processing unit, offering ideal conditions for:

  • gentle extrusion process
  • enormous reduction of energy consumption
  • minimized CO2 emissions and carbon footprint


See the picture below for an example of how the MAS 93-K extruder with a CDF 500-D melt filter consumes considerably less energy. Based on an assumed price of 0.25 Euros per kilowatt-hour, energy savings of up to 1,600,000 kilowatt-hours lead to savings of up to 400,000 Euros annually!

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Safe Energy - Reduce CO2