MAS applications in upcycling and extrusion technology

Solution approaches in the plastics field

MAS is the trendsetter for plastics upcycling with efficient extrusion machinery and extrusion lines. Whether it’s an individual machine or a full upcycling line, post-consumer upcycling or production waste upcycling, from regular plastics to high-grade extrusion of PET and other engineering plastics, from regrind to sheet or fiber – MAS realises your extrusion technology requirements with tailor-made solution concepts.

MAS twin screw technology is specifically designed to meet the requirements of high-quality recycling and re-compounding processes.

Expertise for individual machinery and lines

MAS relies on years of experience in twin screw recycling and modular machinery concepts, creating your automated manufacturing machine or manufacturing line from raw material to high-grade re-granulate. Extraordinary flexibility in application and integrated process monitoring facilitate the production of a wide array of high-grade re-granulates and re-compounds.

MAS Machines and lines stand for economic, sustainable, and future-proof investments for a wide variety of applications in extrusion technology, PET processing, and polyolefin processing. Get in touch with our upcycling experts today!