Extrusion lines for PET processing

MAS solutions for plastics extrusion

MAS extrusion lines are the ideal solution for processing PET, both in re-granulate and inline applications. The patented conical design of the processing unit facilitates the processing of all PET recycling and new material fractions (such as bottle mill materials, mill materials from sheets, granulates, and additives) at low rotation speed and high screw filling degree for the shortest process length at low mass temperatures.

Benefits of MAS technology

Additionally, the concurrent twin-screw technology guarantees excellent homogenisation of fluctuating input material qualities as well as a large gas venting surface. This leads to outstanding intrinsic viscosity, color, and AA levels at very low energy consumption.

Depending on the application this can enable:

  • optimisation of subsequent condensation polymerisation steps,
  • reduction of pre-drying new materials and industrial waste,
  • achieving FDA / ESFA certifications in combination with pre-drying and a high-performance vacuum gas venting system without subsequent condensation polymerisation step.


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