MAS Twin-screw extruder

Extrusion line in recycling use

MAS extruders are the tailor-made, future-proof solution for twin-screw extrusion in the recycling world. Developed by recycling engineering specialists, MAS technology unites the excellent homogenisation and degassing performance of concurrent twin-screw extruders with the robust engineering required for recycling applications, as well as a wide array of potential applications for a variety of recycling fractions.

Optimised extrusion process

The patented conic, concurrent design of the process unit features a large feed opening for the processing of a wide variety of plastics fractions, such as materials of the lowest bulk density, mill materials, flakes, new products, or fibers. Additives, filling materials, and fibers can be added directly via the feed opening without complicated and high-maintenance side dosing. These materials are processed into the polymer across the entire process length using the lowest screw rotation speeds while simultaneously purposefully applying energy. Thus, melting occurs with an extremely gentle treatment of the polymer at maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to the purposeful application of energy, one cooler blower at low performance in the metering section is sufficient to cool the process unit.

Perfected design

The conic construction facilitates generously dimensioned screw bearing and a massive screw construction, while keeping the machine’s dimensions compact. Maintenance of the process unit is simple, with quickly removable extrusion screws that can be removed against the direction of the extrusion.

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