DRD Dry cleaning machine

Effective dry-cleaning of plastics

The DRD (Double Rotor Disc) dry cleaning machine enables both cleaning and drying of pre-shredded plastic recycling fractions in a single operation.

How the dry-cleaner operates

Plastic rotates in a cylindrical chamber with hot air circulating around it. Turbulent airflow ideally dries it. At the same time, impurities such as sand, soil or dust are separated via separation screens. Heavy particles, (small stones, wires or metal parts) are discharged via a heavy material separator.

The downstream second cleaning step (DS) sees the discharge of remaining fine dust particles. Both cleaning steps run in parallel and are perfectly attuned to one another. The second cleaning step is omitted in the case of mere drying applications. System control is fully automated.

Depending on the degree of type of contamination, the DRD system is used either as a stand-alone option or to optimise washing plants as a pre-cleaning or post-cleaning step.

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