Showroom & innovation center (Technical center)

Guidance in the planning stage

We demonstrate the performance and added value of MAS recycling and compounding technology in our showroom & innovation center. The MAS showroom & innovation center is an important component of the goal-oriented support of your decision-making process in the (pre) project phase. With a comprehensive array of machinery, we present and evaluate your planned facility configuration and your planned process under realistic production conditions using your material as early as the distribution phase. With our laboratory equipment, we are able to carry out analysis of the input material and the produced granulate. Our experienced plastics technicians will support you in evaluating the results. The results of the test run provide the basis for choosing the right facility configuration and the successful realisation of your facility at actual scale.

More support and presentation

Furthermore, we will gladly support you with test runs and process-related consultation if you would like to become acquainted with and use the full flexibility of your pre-existing MAS facility with other or additional mass flows, additives, or changed process conditions. We use the showroom & innovation center for the continuous innovation of our products.

The following facility components are available at our showroom & innovation center:

  • Conic, concurrent MAS 55 twin-screw extruder
  • CDF 300 Continual MAS disk filter
  • TA 100 MAS vented extruder
  • Water-ring vacuum pumps and high-performance vacuum
  • Melt pump
  • Forcer filter with reversible flow function
  • Underwater granulation with inline crystallisation flume
  • Dosage system for granulates, milled materials, powder, flakes, films, fibers, and liquids
  • Flat sheet die
  • DRD dry cleaning facility with upstream shredder

The following analytical devices are available for evaluating the raw material and the granulates / final products:

  • Moisture meters to measure surface moisture and core moisture
  • Vacuum drier
  • IV meter
  • MFR meter
  • Digital microscope
  • Blow film extruder at laboratory scale

Make an appointment at our technical center today and let us introduce you to MAS innovations. We are looking forward to hear from you.