Vacuum system CC for process water treatment

Water saving on all levels

The process water system ensures a technologically ideal supply for water-ring vacuum pumps. Using this system for water treatment considerably reduces the usage of fresh water while facilitating the operation of up to two vacuum pumps (one twin-screw extruder / one cascade extruder) in a closed circuit. This conserves valuable water and considerably lowers plant operating costs. Stainless model with 290 l process water tank, including filling level sensor and automatic fresh water supply.

Targeted water treatment

A liquid ring vacuum pump exhausts the gases that occur during the extrusion process. Instead of fresh water supply, the vacuum pump is supplied with the operating liquid from the tank. The operating liquid is cooled by a tube bundle heat exchange. The unit is mounted on a compact base, allowing for optimal maintenance.

Save water, conserve the environment, optimise processes – Enquire about our CC vacuum system today!