Plastics extruders and more products by MAS

Upcycling solutions for your requirements

Increas­ing chal­lenges to the prof­itable pro­duc­tion of high-qual­i­ty re-gran­u­late are the con­stant dri­ving force behind the devel­op­ment of new MAS prod­ucts. MAS machines, plas­tics extrud­ers, and lines are specif­i­cal­ly devised for fail-safe appli­ca­tion in a recy­cling envi­ron­ment. They are based on robust and easy-to-main­tain engi­neer­ing and tech­ni­cal­ly mature process automa­tion with intu­itive­ly oper­at­ed, graph­ic machine inter­faces, ensur­ing prof­itable use at a high lev­el.

MAS prod­ucts embody prof­itable and tech­no­log­i­cal added val­ue, clear­ly set­ting them apart from com­mon recy­cling solu­tions. MAS prod­ucts stand for upcy­cling solu­tions to the next lev­el.

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