Patented extruder for venting

TA Vented extruder from MAS

A patented melt-loaded cascade extruder for a significant improvement of granulate quality and increased throughput along the entire extrusion line: The extruder for venting is a melt-loaded single-screw extruder for highly efficient melt venting and pressurisation for downstream (granulate) processes.The maximum possible melt surface ensures efficient venting performance.


The melt distributor segment in the entry zone of the cascade extruder causes a division of the entering melt stream into a number of individual melt strands. The venting screw in the extruder has a multi-thread cut in the entry zone made according to a specific design. Thereby, the gasses can be extracted from the plastic melt in a highly efficient manner due to an increase of surface area. The emerging gasses are extracted from the three venting openings via a vacuum system.

Performance benefit

The extrusion screw builds up the required melt pressure for the subsequent granulation process. This leads to pressure release of the upstream extrusion / filtration process, resulting in a decisive increase in throughput and throughout the entire extrusion line.

Better performance and quality with the patented extruder for venting from MAS: Request an individual offertoday!